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If you are planning on having your carpets professionally cleaned in the near future, we have a few tips to make the process go smoother. The first step of course is to find a reputable carpet cleaning contractor in your area. Once you have crossed this hurdle and have scheduled your appointment there are a few important steps to complete prior to the arrival of the contractor.

Preparation Steps When You Plan to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned:

Vacuum Carpets in Advance

I know what you are thinking, the pros are on the way so why do I want to bother vacuuming my carpet? While the contractor will do a complete and thorough cleaning, you should take it upon yourself to vacuum up pet hair, crumbs of food, and other debris before the professional carpet cleaners arrive. If you spend a little time vacuuming up the loose debris, the pros can focus their attention on the deep cleaning of your carpets.

Cleaning & Dusting

After vacuuming, you should dust your home and clean the baseboards. This will prevent the migration of dust and dirt onto your freshly cleaned carpets from the baseboards and furniture. In essence; prolonging the life of the cleaning.

Relocate Furniture

To provide clear access to the entire carpet remove small furnishings from the rooms that will be cleaned. You can place small items such as end-tables and lamps in the garage or basement of your home. For larger items such as heavy sofas and beds that you can’t move, push them back against the wall so the carpet cleaners can address the area immediately in front of the furniture. Remove any clutter such as children’s toys and throw rugs so the pros can get right to work when they arrive.

Store Fragile Items

Pack away any fragile items such as picture frames or breakable vases that may be bumped and damaged during the cleaning process.

Secure Curtains and Drapes

If you have long curtains or drapes that reach the floor, tie them up to avoid any potential damage from the cleaning process. Here’s a quick tip: place two clothes hangers on the curtain rod, then suspend the bottom of the curtains from the hangers. Its fast and easy and won’t harm your drapes.

Prepare a List of Concerns

Take a few minutes to compile a list of concerns that you can share with the contractor. Make note of high traffic areas, existing stains, or places where food and drinks have been spilled in the past. Pointing out these areas before you have your carpets professionally cleaned will alert the contractor to problem zones, so they can properly address your concerns and focus on these areas.

Plan an Outing

If you are planning a “whole house cleaning” you may want to plan a quick outing for you and your kids. Take your pets along for the trip. Sounds like a visit to a local park is an option.

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