Carpet Cleaning Before Moving In | Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet Before a Move

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Let us share some tips on carpet cleaning before moving. Cleaning your carpets is something you should do whether you are the family that is moving out, or if you are the new owners and you are moving in.

Tips for Carpet Cleaning Before Moving In

You have just purchased your first home and you’re thinking that once you get settled the first thing you will want to do is hire a professional carpet cleaner to freshen up your new home. Wrong; it’s far easier to do a complete and thorough cleaning of the carpet before you cover the floor in heavy furniture that is difficult to move around. Clean the carpet before you move in, then all you will need to do is a quick vacuum after your move to gather up all the loose dirt that may have been trod into your home during the moving process.

If you hate the thought of the movers trudging over your nice clean carpets during the move, simply place some heavy drop cloths in the high traffic areas like the hall and foyer. The key here is to use the thick, heavy-duty plastic found in the paint department at your local Home Depot. Opt for the 6-mil plastic, the 1-mil thick plastic just won’t cut it.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Now that your carpet is nice and clean, you want to keep it that way. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh longer:

  • Vacuum Regularly: After your get your carpets cleaned you should vacuum 2 to 3 times a week. This prevents loose debris from being ground deep into your carpets over time.
  • Quickly Address Spills:Act fast to clean up any spills to prevent staining. The same goes for dirt spots. If you notice a dirty area on the carpet, clean it up and vacuum quickly before it is ground in, and becomes a stain. If you spill wax or wine on your carpet you may want to read our post on “Removing Red Wine Carpet Stains” or “Tips for Removing Melted Wax from Carpet.”
  • Annual Cleaning: You should have your carpets cleaned annually by a professional carpet cleaning company. The pros have the proper equipment to complete a thorough cleaning. The small consumer carpet cleaners just do not have the power to dig deep into your carpet and pull up all the ground in dirt.

Make sure you book your carpet cleaner well in advance of your move. With so many people moving at the end of the month, the pros can be booked solid during that period and you will be out of luck.

Planning a Carpet Cleaning before moving into your new home? Contact our support team at (541)-788-4450 to book your cleaning today.

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