Removing Gum from Carpet | 4 Safe Methods for Removing Chewing Gum from Carpets

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Have you ever tried removing gum from carpet, only to turn the stain into a huge mess? If you have small children running around the house, it’s inevitable that sooner or later one of them will drop their chewing gum on the carpet. Kids just love to blow bubbles, and when they do, occasionally the wad of gum will fly out of their mouths and land on the floor, or worse fall on your new carpet. Lucky for you we have 4 quick tips for removing gum from carpet.

Using Ice for Removing Gum from Carpet

Perhaps the most common method for removing gum from carpet is to chill it down using an ice pack. When an ice pack is placed on bubble gum it becomes hard and therefore brittle. If you get the gum cold enough it will easily break into tiny pieces that you can pickup by hand. You can finish the job with a vacuum.

If you don’t have an ice-pack you can always put a few ice cubes in a zip-lock bag. Place the ice pack directly on the chewing gum. Leave it in place for about 10 minutes, then you can begin to break the gum apart.

Using Rubbing Alcohol for Removing Gum from Carpet

I found this video which demonstrates how you can use Rubbing Alcohol for removing gum from carpet. Soak the gum with alcohol and make sure it gets under the gum. Use the dull side of a kitchen knife or plastic scraper to lift the gum right off the carpet.

Using Heat for Removing Gum from Carpet

Extra care must be taken when using this method. Overheating the carpet can damage the backing or melt the carpet fibers. This will create a bigger mess than you started with.

Place a plastic bag over the gum and heat the area with a blow dryer. As the gum warms up, ultimately it will become sticky and should adhere to the plastic more so than it will to the carpet fibers. Lift the plastic from the carpet in a peeling motion which should lift the gum from the carpet. You may need to repeat this 3 or 4 times to remove all of the gum. You can follow up with the ice pack method above to remove any residual gum.

The Deep Freeze Method of Removing Gum from Carpet

If you can get your hands on some Triple-S Gum Remover from a local carpet professional, you can deep freeze the gum. The Triple-S Gum Remover comes in an aerosol can. Simply point and shoot. When the gum is frozen solid it should easily break away from the carpet fiber.

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