This nine step thorough cleaning process allows your carpet to be at its healthiest providing a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

1. Wall Corner Guard Placement

Benefits: This protects your walls from our hose equipment so that the corners of your walls are untouched during the cleaning process.

2. Thorough Pre Vacuum Clean

Benefits: This removes extra dust and dirt off the carpet that leads to a more thorough deep cleaning

3. Pre Vacuum Edge Clean

Benefits: This removes dust and dirt that’s on the edge of your carpet to prevent soil build up

4. Move Furniture then put back on blocks & pads

Benefits: This addresses dust build up underneath furniture leading to the healthiest environment for your home

5. Pretreat problem areas

Benefits: This helps to identify every kind of soiling conditions so nothing is overlooked

6. Pretreat all areas

Benefits: This loosens the soil for maximum deep cleaning

7. Clear hot water extraction using a truck mount machine

Benefits: The chemicals we use are baby safe and there is no residue left to attract new soil. This is the most effective cleaning system for carpeting as recommended by carpet manufacturers.

8. Carpet is groomed

Benefits: This resets the carpet pile and the carpet drys faster. The carpet also gets a nice appearance.

9. Accelerated drying using specialized drying equipment

Benefits: This enables your carpet to dry much faster so you can start using the carpeted areas much sooner

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Our 9 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

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